How to Use this Blog

1. Follow: Parents and students are asked to "Follow by Email" to this blog on the right hand side. You may use a family email for you and your student to use; or if you want, feel free to put both your parent's email and then the student email. Please use your personal email that you read daily. At the end of the year you can unsubscribe from the emails by unsubscribing at the bottom of an email.

2. Names: Next, the students may use their first name or a nickname to sign their comments. But if a nickname is chosen, please inform me of who the student is and the chosen nickname by sending me a note using the "Contact Form" on the right. In this way I will be able to credit the assignment as completed to the correct student. NEVER use your last name, others' names, or write about anything detailed about anyone. This is for safety of you and all on the blog.

3. Posting: When a post is published by me, your email will receive it within a day. Please remind your youth to read the scripture assignment, then read the post and question presented, and think of a response before commenting. If a student is interested in writing posts, please come to me and we can arrange it only after parent permission and a clear understanding that this site is for discussing the faith.

4. Comment: Each student is asked to make one comment within a few days of my post. However, the students may comment and ask questions as frequently as they would like, this would help us all. To comment:
              Click on "comments" at the end of the post.
              You will be directed to a blank space to type in your comment.
              After your comment is typed, you may publish using Anonymous but please sign your post with your FIRST NAME ONLY or the nickname you have chosen.
              Then press publish; follow the directions. Your done.


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