Why a blog?

So why a blog? As a catechist my work is to light a spark in hopes to ignite the flame of faith so you can fan that spark to support your family in continuing the growth of that faith.  This blog's purpose is to serve my job in providing ways for God to work and set hearts aflame, in yet one more way. Additional reasons are:

To offer productive ways for the young ladies to ask, comment, and share away; without taking away class time. Faith cannot be confined to a class, this is one way to branch out.

To motivate and inspire the young ladies to think about deeper issues surrounding the faith by posting their scripture assignment responses on the blog.

To give me a way I to occasionally post quotes, Catholic videos, and questions related to faith topics. Never will I or they post photos of anybody, gossip, or unrelated subjects. As administrator of the blog, I have full right to delete comments as I see fit; or cease the blog if it is abused.

To pursue God and His truths in thoughtful conversation. It is no coincidence that Jesus Christ is called the Word of God; for the spoken and written language is powerful indeed.We need to use it wisely, and the blog gives us a chance.

Feel free to read the blog anytime, however, please leave the comments for the girls. If you want to send me a comment, use the Contact Form on the right side of the page.

Thank you.

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